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‘Meet Tempesta’ is the video presentation of the Tempesta GARA produced for its debut at the 2022 World Coffee Championships in Melbourne.

The video follows and pushes forward the brand identity designed by our D-RCW division for the new Barista Attitude specialty branch and strengthens the brand ambassador's corporate presence.

Directed by our trusted partner Riccardo Di Giacomo, the video is a visual display of this professional machine's sophisticated, yet minimalist design. It was the perfect opportunity for the Tempesta GARA to make a lasting impression on both coffee lovers and industry experts.

Director: Riccardo Di Giacomo, DOP: Stefano Etter, Editor: Andrea Sacco, Set Designer: Chiara Bonomelli, Music: Stra, Hair & Make Up: Renda Nigusse, Executive Producer: Teresa Antonioni

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