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The Deafening Noise of the Glacier

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“Un Suono in Estinzione” is an experimental research project aimed at monitoring the implications of climate change on alpine glaciers through a sonic exploration of natural environments at risk. In the summer of 2021 and 2022 a series of missions were carried out on the Adamello glacier to record more than 8000 hours of sounds.

The visual identity of this project was developed in order to enhance the message, rather than covering it with a graphic superstructure and serves its purpose marking various declinations of the project, from high tech recorders, to social media channels and from physical exhibitions, to info-visualizations of the sound database.

Sound Artist and project curator: Sergio Maggioni, Umanesimo Artificiale Project Coordinator: Filippo Rosati

« Climate change could result in the loss of up to 92% of glaciers in the Alps by the end of this century according to new research findings. »

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